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Lucia Barata's Dancing Wheels Hits a Home Run

and Becomes the Best Film in ISENMA

Directing a film about people with disabilities who love to dance has been a meaningful experience to Lucia Barata. After finishing a long list of education on architecture and art, she then studied at the New York Film Academy. Finally, her film, “Dancing Wheels” is chosen as the Best Film in the International Student, Woman and Movie Awards 2017. When being interviewed, the Brazilian-born writer and director Lucia Barata said with great hope, “This film is the one I’m very proud of. I hope this film would bring good to the Dancing Wheels organization; so, they would find a sponsor to help them grow. Again, there are no boundaries to dance."

Anyone could quickly tell that the film is made with passion and love. There is the soul of the dance itself, and it is transmitted from the way it was directed and from the action of the people involved. One thing for sure, Lucia would love to make more films like this in the future. Competing with three other Best Film nominations first selected from 350 films, Dancing Wheels hit a home run and took home the Overall Winner statue.

The International Student, Woman, and Movie Awards (ISENMA) itself is a film festival founded in Indonesia in 2015, with its mission to acknowledge woman and new passionate filmmakers with astounding ability.

Collaborated with Film Festivals Alliance, ISENMA has been going for two years. The Awards Ceremony, held in Bali is grandeur and packed with kings and queens of Nusantara, notable guests, national and international filmmakers, and artists. The event was opened by His Majesty the King of Cakrabumi, Sri Anglung Prabu Punta Djajanagara Cakrabumi Girinata, and was attended by many Kings and Queens of Nusantara. The Best Film statue was given to Lucia by His Majesty the King of Bonea Selayar, H. Andi Mahyuddin. The King said that it was an honor to give the Best Film statue to the winner.

The film Dancing Wheels was also screened during the event. The screening was attended by international filmmakers and guests. When the Overall Winner was announced later that night, nobody was surprised. The documentary is touching and inspiring. They believe the film deserves the title, but Lucia was stunned. It was the first Best Film title for the film. With teary eyes, Lucia dedicated the award to her fellow Dancing Wheels team in her winning speech.

Natasha Dematra, the head of the juries, said, “The jury chose Dancing Wheels because the film is exceptional. The fact that the film is a documentary and based on a true story gives the film another point.”

Recently, Dancing Wheels was awarded Diamond Award in Short Documentary category and Platinum Award for Editor of the Year for Raphael Alvarez from Directors Awards. Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival awarded Lucia with Platinum Award for Director of the Year and gave the conceptor of the film, Camila Rodrigues, Medal of the Year. For her accomplishment, Lucia was also awarded the Royal High Achievement Award in Women Filmmaker category from Royal World Records & Prizes.

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