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Film Festivals Alliance Gets Off to a Good Start

An alliance founded by filmmakers and dedicated for filmmakers is under way. Founder and director of the Film Festivals Alliance (FFA), Damien Dematra, said to the TFR journalist that he established the alliance program to share his experience with other filmmakers about the tricks of the trade on how to make decisions wisely in selecting film festival worth the entry fee and effort. Furthermore, he said, the FFA is set to facilitate film festivals around the world to work together by sharing information, data and access, and invite filmmakers to become global partners and distribute excellent films to as many communities as possible. The alliance also aims to support people who want to establish film festivals of their own. Damien’s passion to see the world united in peace has made him comes up with an idea to coordinate winning and talented filmmakers to work together on a project he called “The Connection”. It is a project that including producing and shooting partials of one (or more) film in five countries and completing as one film in one post-production house arranged by FFA. In line with his goal, through the alliance, he offers distribution deals for selected winners of the festivals he run.

More information: http://filmfestivalsalliance.org/

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