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10 Most Innovative Film Festivals In The World 2017

1.Cannes Film Festival
Originated in 1932 by Jean Zay the French Minister of National Education and held for the first time in 1947. This film festival is most of filmmaker’s dream to be a part of. But, why? Became one of the oldest film festival, full of stars, distributors and most of Hollywood movies would kill to be world premiered here. This film festival is a mixed of independent and mainstream films. Since 2004, they’ve debuted “Short Film Corner” which gives a lot of chances for the independent filmmakers and take opportunity steps for their careers. One thing for sure, Cannes Film Festival is a legend!

2.Toronto International Film Festival
Many films would do anything to get into TIFF. Because if your film screened here, you'd be noticed by many of Hollywood Distributors. Oscar’s buzz is also part of profit you’ll get when your film screened here. Founded in 1976, TIFF has a unique method they still kept till now. Festival for festivals. TIFF is running several festivals at once. You’re going to TIFF, but you are actually going to many festivals. Like the “long movie festival,” “movie star festival, TIFF Docs, TIFF kids, etc. Are ya ready for TIFF?

3.Sundance Film Festival
Annually takes place in Park City, Utah. Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the US. They have their competitive section and the out-of-competition sections, such as NEXT, New Frontier, Spotlight, Midnight, Premieres and Documentary Premieres, etc. This festival has open the doors for many independent filmmakers. From Quentin Tarantino to James Wan. Another one innovative program is the Sundance Film Festival USA program; eight of the festival’s film is screened in eight different theaters in the US. This festival is a must to attend!

4.South by Southwest
SXSW is a festival that features film, interactive media, music festivals, conferences. This festival is a fun and prestigious one! With Michelle Obama, and other figures attended it. Quite similar to Coachella (but Coachella focuses on music and arts) while SXSW focuses on films too! Inaugurated in 1987, this festival has become many of other festivals role models like Xoxo, The Great Escape Festival and much more. This festival is not only screens films but also has a music festival. You know what I mean, right? A music festival? Gonna be a big party!

5.International Film Festivals Group
Based in South East Asia and founded in 2011 this film festival has grown into a huge one. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio to Pope John II, President Joko Widodo, President Jimmy Carter, etc. have been awarded from this festival. Supporting the United Nation to celebrate it's International Days (International’s Day for Peace, International’s Day for Human Rights, Tolerance, Environment, etc.) Their mission is to show people that film could be a bridge to change people lives. We believe this festival is a must for you! Kings and Queens, Government Ministers attended this festival. This festival is the largest international film festival Group in the region and probably in the world with many filmmakers from all over the globe attended this festival every year. What about you?

6.Raindance Film Festival
Most important and largest film festival in the United Kingdom. Raindance Film Festival gives good offers for the shorts. Selected shorts will qualify for Oscar® and BAFTA nominations. And the features, they’ll have chances to be screened in one of twelve days of the festivals. Their mission is to support independent filmmakers. In late 2017, they will screen 100 feature films and over 150 shorts. Not just that, they also open a film school that operates throughout the main cities; London, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest, Berlin, and Brussels. Wanna be discovered? Try Raindance Film Festival!

7 .Byron Bay Film Festival
Located in Australia since 2006, this film festival is an accredited independent award. Not just trying to gain the attention from outside Australia they also have the category for inside the country; Best Young Australian Filmmaker. They mixed the competition between films from inside the country to the outside. Looking at the history this festival will soon be a prestigious one!

8.International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema is an independent film festival founded by Carl Tooney in 2006. This festival based in different locations around the world; London, Nice, Madrid, Tenerife, Berlin, Milan, and Amsterdam. What unique about this festival is that they didn’t just screened films but also uses the “nominee” thing. From Best Lead Actress to the Best Film and Jury Awards. They will announce the nomination two months before the Red Carpet Ceremony and will announce the winner on the big night. Recently, they just released a film magazine based on the films and filmmakers that attended the festival. Wanna try?

9.Jaipur International Film Festival
Founded in 2009, and located in Jaipur, India. This festival could be considered as the fastest growing film festivals. From 2009, they have received 150 films, and in 2009 they received 2004 films. This festival has received films from 100 countries within its only seven years existence. An excellent achievement! Dedicated to all film lovers this festival always held their festival in January. Ready to go to India?

10. Accolade Global Film Competition
The last on our list is Accolade Global Film Competition. Wanna compete with Oscars winners or Emmys? This film festival allows every filmmaker to compete together. Independent and also mainstream. Now, they are in the 14th year running. What makes it even more unique, they also providing production house opportunity to support filmmakers. The lucky filmmaker will receive access to a studio for three, twelve-hour production days for free. So, do you want to put your film into this festival?


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