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Bridge of Spies

By Yan Widjaya


“The Lawyer That Came In On The Cold War"

Production : Touchstone Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Fox 2000 Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Participant Media, TSG Entertainment, Afterworks Limited, Studio Babelsberg, Amblin Entertainment, Marc Platt Productions
Distributor : Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 20th Century Fox
Director : Steven Spielberg
Casts : Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan, Alan Alda
Duration : 141 minutes
Release date : October 16, 2015

This film tells a story about what happened in the cold war when a lawyer, James B. Donovan recruited by the CIA and involved in an intense negotiation mission to release and exchange a CIA U-2 spy-plane pilot, Francis G. Powers that was arrested alive after his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union during a mission- with a KGB intelligence officer, Rudolf Abel who was arrested for espionage in the US.


This Steven Spielberg’s film is based on a true events that happened in 1957. The cinematography for this film is amazing as usual. The script is well written by Matt Charman, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen. This film is rated PG 13 and distributed by Walt Disney. Even maybe for some audience this film is too heavy to watch, just like other Steven Spielberg’s historical movie (Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan), this film gives us something to laugh about witches good like a little rainbow in the cold war.

Most of all, this movie made on the top list of Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hanks best masterpiece. (Anna-Rose, Katyana)


Point : 85

Anna-Rose and Katyana are films reviewer.


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