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The Film About Dalai Lama Wins at Pacific Screen Awards


Filmmakers in the Spotlight: Dawn Engle

Recently, The Dalai Lama: Scientist won Platinum Award in Pacific Screen Awards. Here we have our exclusive interview with Dawn Engle the award-winning director of the film The Dalai Lama: Scientist. Q: Tell us how "The Dalai Lama: Scientist" evolved.
The Dalai Lama-Scientist is a documentary that contains a life-changing message and veritable impact; it changes your perspective and offers a renewed sense of hope, purpose and so much more. I have always wanted to meet the Dalai Lama�now more so than ever�given his amazing qualities and meaningful teachings. I believe he has contributed a great deal to humanity, and continues to do so. He inspires me to aim high and contribute all that I can, and I imagine that that�s something he inspires in anyone who watches this film....Read more


Script Jesus God - Jesus Man Wins Platinum Award at Screenplay Screen Awards


Recently, Jesus God - Jesus Man won Platinum Award in Screenplay Screen Awards. Screenplay Screen Awards is an awards competition dedicated to all screenwriters in the world. Screenplay Screen Awards is to be a place for all screenwriters to submit their work. The competition is looking on finding the unique screenplay in the world that is entertaining and inspiring. Goldie gladly shares her recent achievement in an exclusive interview.....Read more


Zina Brown "the Butterfiles Director"

The main creative force behind the "Dreams of the Last Butterflies", as the writer and director. The film has been accepted at 33 film festivals in 10 countries, and becomes the Best Film in the Filmmakers World Festival 2015.
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ILCHE LEE: FILMMAKER of Spirituality 2013


From his early youth, Ilchi Lee had been driven by questions about the true meaning of his existence. Dissatisfied with intellectual answers, he learned that training his body helped him gain a sense of centeredness and peace. In the summer of 1980, he climbed up Mount Moak in South Korea to pursue answers to these questions. Following 21 days of intense fasting and meditation, he experienced a special state of awareness through which he found answers to his questions about existence.


Yunus Shahul: The Future Assassin

Trevor Graham: The Hummus Warrior

Joon Bai: Labor of Love

Iara Lee: The Suffering Grasses

Cheryl Hapern: The Freedom Fighter