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"Chambaili" and "The Other Side of the Mountain" Win Best Film at IFFPIE 2013

(Jakarta, 06 / 09/2013) Minister of People�s Empowerment, Ir. H. Azwar Abu Bakar, after handed a trophy to the winner of the best film IFFPIE 2013, Chambaili of Pakistan, said that film festival for peace plays significant role in the midst of global conflict. He hopes that the films in the festivals will inspire world peace and the people of Indonesia on the importance of peace. Despite the poor fit and a hoarse voice, he forced himself to attend, as a form of support for peace filmmakers.

Damien Dematra (founder and director IFFPIE), says that Chambaili (Jasmine - in English), a film directed by Ismail Jilani, is a fictional film that portrays the state of political parties which pursue their respective agendas. Chambaili tells a story about courage, sacrifice, love, and hope of young people in a town called Falakabad. Caught in a situation, a few best friends found themselves at the crossroads of their destiny. This eventually led them to change the future of a country. They form a political party, without experience, resources or political background, and keep pursuing their dreams despite threats and public cynicism, until one day, the elected president gave the famous and historic speeches. �A Freedom Speech�. The film is so spectacular that it has significantly reduced the number abstentions to 18 percent in Pakistan elections recently.

Damien Dematra then continued that The Other Side of the Mountain, a North Korean film, written and produced by Joon Bai, has also won as the Best Film winners, beside Chambaili. The Other Side of the Mountain used a setting during the Korean War. A young nurse in a small town in North Korea rescued a South Korean soldier who was left alone during the battle. His identity remains hidden until before he had to return to South Korea. The nurse waited for her lover all her life because he had promised to return. Being separated between two countries which kept on fighting, the man tried every way to go back to his lover, but the relationship between their countries made it impossible. When the opportunity finally came, it brought him not only love, but also an irony�.  The film production took eight years. It was shot in North Korea and has to do some of the post-production in China due to some political issue.

Celebrating the World Peace Day on the 21 September 2013, IFFPIE held an Awards Night at Planet Hollywood Cinema XXI, Jakarta on 4th September 2013. The festival will run until 30th October 2013. IFFPIE is an international film festival promoting peace, inspiration, and equality which its vision is to spread messages of peace across differences in culture, religion, ethnicity, race, and nation, to give encouragement and inspiration, and rekindle the spirit of equal rights through films.

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    Jakarta, 4-5 Septembe 2013