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Academy Award Winner is Among APIFA Nominations

Asian Pacific International Filmmaker & Awards (APIFA) announces its nomination for Best Film. APIFA is an international film festival based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This year, the festival has received 450 film from all around the world and has chose 4 of the best to compete for the Best Film title.

The list of nominations for Best Film of APIFA:
Alison directed by Uga Carlini
Once There Was A Mountain directed by Yingling Gu
Prophecy directed by Zuri Rinpoche
The Ravens directed by Jennifer Perrott

This year, the Academy Award winner for Best Sound category, Ben Osmo is involved in a short film directed by Jennifer Perrott, The Ravens. Ben Osmo is known as the re-recording mixer for the film that received second most nominated Oscar , Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Ravens is a film from Australia that tells a story about a kid name Ruby, who�s father suddenly came back from war. The changing of his father�s behavior makes the family hard to reconnect.

This film is competing with Uga Carlini, Alison. This film portraits the journey of the victims of rape to start a new life full of hope.

Once There Was A Mountain a short film directed by Yingling Gupun is also on the list competing with a Prophecy, a feature film directed by Zuri Rinpoche.

Besides the 4 films, there are 25 other films that have been selected as Official Selection.

In 2015, Touch, the last film of producer and Hollywood actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman received the title of Best Film and the award was presented by the Ministry of Young people and Sports, Imam Nahrowi in the awards night that was held in the Auditorium of The Ministry. In that same year, Tears of Ghost a film directed by the youngest female director in the world, Natasha Dematra is launched for the first time before it travel to international film festivals around the world.

This festival is being supported by People's Creative Council, Cinema XXI, i-Hebat International Volunteers, Russian Culture Centre, Care for Children Foundation, World Film Council.


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