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For My Children Best Film of IFFADAT


International Film Festival for Family, Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking (IFFADAT) chose For My Children directed by Stathis Plotas as its Best Film. IFFADAT itself is an international film festival that based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This festival has open its first submission since last year and has received thousand films.

Damien Dematra as the founder and director of the festival said that �This film is really touching and honest. All the juries and I chose this film because of its good take and strong story that are still taboo in their own country,� said the man with the long hair.

For My Children is a documentary film from Sweden that took its main theme about the government system of Sweden that took children forcedly if they think that the children are tortured. This documentary film tells the story of Jerzy Donus and his children which were taken forcedly from him. His anxiety and deep depression of losing his children made cause him to get cancer. This documentary tells the portrait of parents whom children are taken away from them by the state.

This festival held its Awards Ceremony on 30th of June in Planet Hollywood, Indonesia and attended by international filmmaker, artists, Indonesian filmmakers, journalists, singers, government officials, etc. This festival is being supported by People's Creative Council, this festival are being held by People�s Creative Council, i-Hebat International Volunteers, Russian Culture Centre, Care for Children Foundation, World Film Council.

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