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HOME Wins Best Picture in IFFEHC 2016

HOME directed by French director, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is chosen as Best Film of International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture (IFFEHC). This film is produced by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and director Luc Besson ((Taxi, Lucy, Nikita, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The Lady, The Fifth Element, Atlantis, etc), and narrated by the director with actress Salma Hayek, 6th Academy-Award Nomination; Glenn Close, Jacques Gamblin, and Chinese actress; Zhou Xun.

HOME itself is a documentary film that many people has said �a film that changed the world�. Home takes us to see our environment that actually already broken and what we can do to fix it. This film has changed a lot of world citizens to care more about the environment.

Damien Dematra as the founder and director of this international film festival said that, the juries chose HOME as the winner because of the environment issues and its incredible cinematography.

�This French film is shot almost everything by helicopter, and the shooting is taken in five continents. The bird view that sees everything show how important to see our �home� from a different perspective. I hope this film can help giving us warning about the environment of our world. We hope that the netizens can care and love the environment more from now on,. said Damien Dematra during the Awards Ceremony of international Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture (IFFEHC) in Planet Hollywood, Jakarta, Monday (05/30/2016).

Natasha Dematra as the Environment Ambassador said that, with the worse condition of our world that keeps getting worse everyday, hope that all the earth citizens can be awaken of how important to take care of our environment.

�Because to take care of the Environment, we need full support from everybody. Please don�t let the young generations and the generations to come have to live with the wrecked world,� said Natasha who is also an award winning female film director.

This event is a joint cooperation between IFFEHC and the Minisitry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, and became part of the celebration of World Environment Day by the Ministry. World Environment Day was introduced by the United Nations and celebrated all over the world on June 5th.

According to Lily Wahid, (the Advisor of People�s Creative Council) this festival is supported by People�s Creative Council, Russian Culture Centre, World Film Council, i-Hebat International Volunteers, Care Children Foundation, Cinema XXI, and Radio Republic of Indonesia as the media partner.

According to the director of public relation of Minisitry of Environment and Forestry, Novrizal, the theme of environment 2016 is Go Wild for Life, or �Save the Plant and Wild Animals For Life'.

My hope, the spirit to save the plants and wild animals will give the spirit for this International Film Festival of Environment,� said Novrizal. (AR)


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