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King of Tallo and Sultan Indrapura Present the Best Film Award at ITA Awards Ceremony

Sultan Indrapura, King of Tallo, winning filmmaker, and Andi Sarinah (RRI/DKR)

King of Tallo and Sultan Indrapura gives the title of Overall Winner of International Tourism Awards (ITA) to Linda Kruse. This festival was made to promote tourism all over the world. It has received 156 films since its first open the submission. Before choosing the film directed by Linda Kruse as the winner, the judges chose 5 nomination of Best Film.

Here are the nominations of ITA:
A Proper Pint, directed by Keven Siegert
GOA Freaks Carnival - 2014 (Arambol beach, GOA), directed by Alexander Popov
Krusing America, directed by Linda Kruse
Wolfie 2.0, directed by Mauro Pagliai

Krusing America is a documentary film that tells a story about a Colonel returning vet and his family who set out to see America. This film is chosen because the way the film captured the colonel and his family is sweet yet touching.

King of Tallo and Sultan Indrapura said they are very honored to give the award to Linda Kruse.

This festival is working together with other international film festival; International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality, World Humanitarian Awards, Documentary & Short International Movie Award and International Film and Competition.

The announcement was made in Manggala Wanabakti building, on the Awards Ceremony of International Film Festival celebrating International Day of Peace and was attended by Minister of Environment and Forestry; Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Communication and Information; Rudiantara, Minister of Public Works and Housing; Basuki Hadimuljono, Liy Wahid, The King and Queens of all Indonesia, Filmmakers from various parts of the world, local actresses and actors, activists and artists.

This festival is organized in collaboration between People�s Creative Council (Dewan Kreatif Rakyat/DKR), The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Russian Culture Centre, World Film Council, i-Hebat International Volunteers, Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI).

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