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Future Assassin

Running time: 26 minutes


Directed by: Yunus Shahul, USA

Starring: Amanda McDowall, Brittney Santoro, Hansen Wetsel, Jeremy J Weber, Kate Tenetko, Ludovic Coutaud, Tyler Van Brussel


Future Assassin is a coming of age short comedy that takes place in 1965 in the American Mid West. It tells the story about a young high school student who has been scorned by his first love. He comes up with a zany plot that involves convincing five dazed hippies that his first love is actually an evil time traveler. Their only interest is saving the world. Everything comes to a head when all seven characters get pulled over in a getaway escape car on a long, country road. After spending some time in jail together the characters are able to see each others true colors and finally be completely honest. Hearts will be broken and flames will spark. The young protagonist manages to fool just about everyone except himself in this story of the extreme lengths one will go to for matters of the heart.



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