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A Star Is Born

�The Real Star of The Year�


Production : Warner Bros. Pictures, Live Nation Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Gerber Pictures, Peters Entertainment, Join Effort
Distributor :Warner Bros. Pictures
Director : Bradley Cooper
Casts : Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chappelle, Sam Elliot
Duration : 135 minutes

The film tells the story of Jackson Maine a famous country; an alcoholic and drug addict who met Ally a waitress who aspires to be a singer-song writer in a club one night. Since that encounter, they became attached and Ally come along to Maine�s tour. In there, Maine approached Ally to sing and the world begins to know who Ally is. While Ally rises to become one of the top music star, Maine is struggling with his career and his alcohol and drug addiction.

This film is Bradley Cooper debut as a director. Cooper not also took he director�s chair, he also took the chair as co-writer and the main lead of this film while also sing and write some of the musics. While Lady Gaga who has before received Golden Globe Award for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel make her debut on the big screen through this film. Gaga doesn�t only act she also sing in this film with lists of many beautiful and emotional soundtrack. While Cooper proved that he also can sing and direct and write music and write the screenplay.

The film opens with a grand music and a performance by Cooper�s �Black Eyes.� Cooper nailed to act as the charismatic-vulnerable Jackson Maine. His acting is exceptional and one of his greatest performance to date acting as an alcoholic and drug addict. While Gaga also gave her amazing performance. Sam Elliot who played as Cooper�s character half-brother is ringing to bring an Oscar nominee in his belt.

Spoiler: You will cry when you watch this film. The first half of the film might look cliche; a rock star falling in love with an ordinary girl but when you get to the �part 2� of the film you will find this film is so much more than cliche. The film is something that you�d never expect. Gaga and Cooper both characters are equal. They are pictured so humane. With both have their strong and vulnerabilities. The film is a journey that you could never find anywhere. Every scene is acted with a great performance and the screenplay is amazing. How the film move its ups and down makes the audience be in the film. Matthew Libatique took the cinematography and did an amazing job. Every scenes is well told in each of the shots. Another point to add, the film is full of diversity. From putting Gaga�s character on a drag bar and Copper�s character connection with his old friends. Yes, the film is 134 minutes long and to see it there are some loop where some scenes could be cut off but overall the film is a bomb!

Applause for Cooper�s direction. The final scene is genius. With Gaga�s performance and Cooper sang at the end is one of the greatest thing everybody could think of. Amazing list of soundtrack topping Billboard 200 for two weeks straight and fast facts Lukas Nelson (the famous Willie Nelson�s son) is the musical consultant for the music of the film.

The film deserves a tons of Oscar nominations. From Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and of course Best Original Songs. (The film could received two nominations for this categories, for sure!) And hopefully this film could final bring Cooper�s to hold his first Oscar statue after having 4 Oscar nominations so far. Anyway, a star is born has truly show that the film is the real star of the year!

(Anna Rose)

Point: 95


� The Film Reporter 2013-2015