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�DC Comics Has Been Saved Once More�

Production : Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment, The Safran Company, Mad Ghost Productions
Distributor : Warner Bros. Pictures
Director : James Wan
Casts : Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolf Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman
Duration : 143 minutes

Directed by James Wan (Saw, Insidious, Furios 7) the film tells the story of Arthur Curry who has to take his throne as the king of the underwater kingdom, Atlantis to lead his people and save the world from his brother Orm. Jason Momoa played as Arthur Curry the son of the Queen of Atlantis with a human who is left when he was little by his mother for the their safety and this event has put a big scar in his heart. Jason abled to played as this fun, loving, strong yet a vulnerable character he is. One sentence: he NAILED IT the whole film! While Amber Heard played as Mera the princess of the underwater kingdom Xebel, this character is no damsel in distress in other words a very bad ass character. Heard bring Mera to big screen with a the charismatic, strong, mysterious yet a little bit of vulnerabilities in it. While Nicole Kidman played as the Queen of Atlantis and Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Black Manta and Patrick Wilson as Orm; the main opponent in the film.

The credits of how to change the picture of Aquaman to the strong, long haired, bearded and big man goes to Zack Snyder who decided to changed the whole look of Aquaman which before for the information a lot of people has mocked as the �uncool� superhero famous for its abilities talking to a fish and don�t forget it�s green and orange costume. But, the the credits on how to developed the character in this solo film of Aquaman goes to Wan. Wan able to bring the film to a brand new level. Telling the story very humane and how Arthur Curry ( is framed) with all its vulnerabilities scars is amazing. Wan put the character as this lovable anti-hero.

Even though the film is 143 minutes long. It wouldn�t feel that way. The fights scenes is amazing. From how Heard�s character Mera running at the rooftop where some pointed out having its �James Bond� moment and Momoa�s fight scenes where his character first show up is one of the few example of the fighting scenes which is to die for. One of the film other point is the soundtrack by Skyler Grey, �Everything I Need� that was played at the ending giving the film a wonderful, sweet, and touching ending.

Will this film be Wan�s second film after Furious 7 to pass 1 billion dollar? A very big possibilities. Everybody can�t wait for Aquaman 2 and this film is the Best Superhero movie!! Please DC whatever you�re doing, don�t ruin your next move!

(Anna Rose)

Point: 100


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