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The Princess Switch

�Wonderful Xmas Film�


Distributor : Netflix
Director : Mike Rohl
Casts : Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar
Duration : 102 minutes


ATells the story a Chicago baker, Stacy who is competing on a Christmas baking competition in the fiction country Belgravia. There she bumps into Lady Margaret who asks Stacy to switched place with her for two days. Stacy becomes the prince�s fiancee while Lady
Margaret is the Chicago baker everybody taught she is.

Sounds cliche? Princess and Pauper perharps? Or The Parent Trap? Yup! But, this formula just never gets tired to the audiences eyes. Vanessa Hudgens basically played as four character in the film; Lady Margaret, Stacy De Novo, Lady Margaret trying to be Stacy and Stacy trying to be Lady Margaret. Quiet refreshing to see Hudgens back in this sort of romantic family fun loving film. One of thing that should be credited is how Stacy who acted as Lady Margaret is pictured a strong, independent, nice character she is and no damsel in distress which would be give the children�s good example. While the jokes is well added and funny.

Congrats to Netflix for another wonderful holiday film! This film will surely make you smile from the beginning to end. Yes, it�s cliche, not a very budgeted film and the film doesn�t look that cheap but somehow The Princess Switch able to bring the audience to the end of the film with a big smile. The film will give you the love and a wonderful time! So, what are you waiting for?

(Anna Rose)

Point: 80


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