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Till Death Do Us Apart (Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe)
- Movie Review


�The Real Devil You Need To Fight Is Your Ownself"


Production : Pulido Entertaiment Corp
Director : Abraham Pulido
Casts : Zapata 666, Maria Antonieta Duque, Alexandra Braun, William Goite, Athina Clouni, Calos Molina
Duration : 100 minutes

This movie tells a story about a boy until he grow up to reach his dream as a professional boxer and how the environment around him creates his personality.

This Venezuela movie shows that Venezuela�s movie industry has grown faster than anyone can ever imagine. And how the script was well-written by Abraham Pulido who is also the director of this movie write it with his other team mate; Osvaldo Boscacci, Fernando Javier Leon Rodriguez, Ricardo Lorenzo makes the movie not just inspiring but also not boring. This statement is really rare in this modern era where people usually makes inspiring movie with a tendency to be boring. So, Abraham Pulido for his first feature movie did a great job.

Acted as the leading man of this movie Zapata 666 make a great performance in this movie, people can hate him but still loves him and pity him at the end. And for Alexandra Braun, the former Miss Earth 2005 took part as the leading lady in this movie and as leading man�s brother played by Calos Molina who acted irritatingly-well. William Goite acted as the coach and one of the father�s figure for Otto after his father�s death.

What is great about this movie is that this movie starts from the childhood of Otto (played by Zapata 666) and how he finally was able to reach success in the end shows that if you want to reach your dreams you have to work hard and fight your ownself. (Anna-rose)

Point : 85

Anna-rose is a film reviewer.


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