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From Seoul To Jakarta Gets 3 Awards in USA

From Seoul To Jakarta, a film produced by Ilchi Lee Films from South Korea and Damien Dematra Production from Indonesia was awarded with 3 awards from 2 film festivals in USA. Accolade Global Film Competition gives two Awards of Merit in Lead Actress category for Natasha Dematra and Cinematography category for Damien Dematra. San Fransisco Film Awards also awards the film with an Award of Merit in Feature Film category.

According to Rick Pricket, Director of Accolade Global Film Competition, From Seoul To Jakarta won the award because of superb acting performance by actress Natasha Dematra and the magnificent cinematography. Accolade Competition is a prestigious festival and among the top 25 festivals worth the entry fee chosen by Movie Maker Magazine. Many of it's previous winners later got their Oscar or Emmy. Laurel Kapros from San Fransisco Film Awards stated that the reason From Seoul To Jakarta was chosen is because the film was considered as film produced with high technical expertise.

From Seoul to Jakarta tells the story of a fierce fight between contestants of a big K-pop competition in Jakarta.

Haneul Han, a handsome, melancholic, poor South Korean-born teenage with golden voice, is deeply in love with Nayoung, a sweet and rich South Korean girl who loves him back unconditionally. At the same time, Haneul's father has a big debt to the bank. He has to pay his loan, or the bank will confiscate their house. Despite her mother's suggestion to return to Seoul, his father is strongly against the idea. He doesn't want to go home as a loser. Haneul, a dedicated son, promises to win the competition and gives the prize to his parents.

Lenny, the leader of a female music group from Jakarta, plays dirty when she finds out that the group led by Haneul is leading the competition. Desperate to proof to her hard to please father, a reputable doctor, she poisons Haneul so he won't be able to sing.

More than Lenny has expected, Haneul, doesn't only loose his voice. Nayoung's father finds out about their relationship, and because Haneul is poor and has lost his voice, he scorns him in front of Nayoung, and sends the crying Nayoung back to South Korea.

Haneul hits rock bottom. Can he keep moving on? Will he able to win everything back despite impossibility? Will he strive to get back the splendid Nayoung who aches for him day and night? Bo go shi paw. I miss you, Haneul. Will love find its way? Can Romeo and Juliet have a happy ending?

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