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His Majesty Sinuhun Tedjowulan Inaugurates Documentary & Short International Movie Awards 2015

Documentary & Short International Movie Awards (DOSHIMA) chooses The Weeping Mountain from Argentine and directed by Santiago E. Sanchez Ortega as the best film of the festival season of 2015. It tells the story of Guillermina, a young colla from the northwest of Argentina. She cant mourn and wants to be free. In her husbands wake she decides to leave the room. She climbs a mountain following a flying condor in the sky. She begins to remember her sad youth with her drunk husband and also the day she met the only person who could understand her. Memory and present merge in a hut. When loneliness is so deep, sometimes spirits are the only company.

The award ceremony was inaugurated by His Majesty Sinuhun Tedjowulan, the Prime Minister of Surakarta Hadiningrat kingdom. Documentary & Short International Movie Award (DOSHIMA) was established to sustain and promote filmmakers, especially independent filmmakers around the world, to continue their creativity and produce their artworks; to inspire all filmmakers to never stop chasing their dreams in creating excellent movies, and to participate in the film industry.

The Indonesian Council of Creative People (Dewan Kreatif Rakyat) conducted the event and film screenings and workshops were held during the event from March 26 to April 2 in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to Lily Wahid, the senior adviser of the council, the quality of the films submitted to this year competition were excellent. It was not easy for the judges to pick up the winners.

The list of the winners of DOSHIMA 2015:

Overall winner: The Weeping Mountain (La Monta�a que Llora) (Argentina) directed by Santiago Sanchez Ortega.

Art House (United States) directed by Don Freeman - International Documentary Feature
Conduction (Russian Federation, Greece) directed by Alexey Loginov - International Documentary Feature
Hunger Strike (State of Palestine) directed by Ashraf Mashharawi - International Documentary Short
Indonesia - Dayaks and Drones - How technology can promote sustainable forests and communities (United Kingdom, Indonesia) directed by Paul Redman - Asia Pacific Documentary
On my way to NYC! (United States) directed by Vanessa Rees, Mimi Yang - Story
Satiesfictions - Promenades with Erik Satie (Satiesfiktionen - Spazierg�nge mit Erik Satie) (Germany, Bulgaria, France, United Kingdom) directed by Anne-Kathrin Peitz, Youlian Tabakov - European Documentary
The Weeping Mountain (La Monta�a que Llora) (Argentina) directed by Santiago Sanchez Ortega - Director (newcomer), Cinematography, International Short Film
Una Gota (A Drop) (Mexico) directed by Joss S�nchez - Cinematography
Zwischen den Linien (Between the Lines) (Germany) directed by Slavko Spionjak - International Short Film

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