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People of Nowhere Wins World Human Rights Awards

(01/18) World Human Rights Award (WHRA) is held in Jakarta today for the first time. The festival focuses on filmmakers and human rights activists. The Award Ceremony in Radio Republic of Indonesia Auditorium on January 18, 2016 coincide with the Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This event is attended by filmmakers from outside and inside the country, the official parliament, journalists, Human rights activists and society.

215 films from all over the world participated to be selected since the festival open its registration. Damien Dematra as the founder and the director from this festival said that the purpose of this festival is to inspired the world, that out there, there�s a lot of people who cares about human rights and willingly to fight for it. This festival is designed to be the stage for the activists of human rights who the world doesn�t know, but keep on fighting for human rights continously.

According to the president of Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI), Dra. Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, Msi., RRI supports this festival because this festival has a very noble purpose, that is the dignity and the tribute to human rights, considering that human rights fulfillment has to be achieved together. Including the media has to keep supporting the dignity of human rights. Human rights including the freedom of opinion, doing communication and receiving information.

The winner for Best Film for World Human Rights Award (WHRA) goes to the People of Nowhere directed by Lior Sperandeo. This documentary film portrait the journey of the director to Lesvos, Greek. He shot the heavy struggle of the Syrian refugees who always hope to stay alive and survive. The director who is very touched with what he sees meets the volunteers from all over the world who help all the victims. They all work together without discriminating the race, religion and their own different background.

�This film is the best film about human rights so far that i�ve ever watched. This film can change our lives for betterment, and open our eyes that wherever we are in the world, there will always be hope for peace,� said, Damien Dematra, who is also a film director.

All the winning films of Word Human Rights Awards (WHRA) and other partner film festivals will be screened in Russian Culture Center and few Universities and screening places from January 21 to January 30 2016.

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