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The List of Nominations For International Film and Photography Festival (IFPF) 2015

01/13/16 International Film and Photography Festival (IFPF) announced its nominations who will compete to receive the title of Best Film. IFPF itself is an international film festival who was established to facilitate photographers and filmmakers from all over the world. The festival believes in the basic principle that photography and film are just like brother and sister.

This festival works together with other international film festivals such as World Animation Awards (WAA), World Documentary Awards (WDA) dan World Human Rights Award (WHRA).

The nominations are :

A Bench�s Tale, directed by Christoph Schinko - Short Film

Changezi , Dancer Among Shadows, directed by Maroa Zak, Sasha Zak - Rising Star

Living The Stoke 2 Fiji, directed by Rob Pirie - Short Documentary

Offspring of Mount Tianshan, directed by Wang Yimin - Short Film

People of Nowhere, directed by Lior Sperandeo - Cinematography/Photography

The Guest, directed by Federico Olivetti - Short Film

One of is contestants is Lior Sperandeo who is a photographer from Israel an then a film�s directed by Christoph Schinko, A Bench�s Tale who portrait about the nature and a short documentary film directed by Rob Pirie who portrait surfing on the ocean of Fiji as its main theme.

Best Film for this festival will be announced soon within the month.

According to Dedeh Kurniasih, the chairwoman of People's Creative Council, this festival are being held by People�s Creative Council, iHebat International Volunteers, Russian Culture Centre, Care for Children Foundation, World Film Council, and Radio Republic of Indonesia as the media partner and organiser.

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