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The Last Tear Wins Best Film in World Documentary Awards

(01/20/16) World Documentary Awards (WDA) finally announced its Best Film on Monday, January 18, 2016. The Awards Ceremony was held in the auditorium of Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI). The event was attended by filmmakers from outside and inside the country, official parliament members, Human rights activists and journalists.
The overall winner is The Last Tear, directed by Hollywood director Christopher H.K. Lee. This documentary feature film tells a story about sexual violence against women, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the "comfort women," or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. As part of this immense system, many young women from all over Japan's occupied territories in Asia were forced into service where they faced rape, torture and extreme violence at military camps, euphemistically termed "comfort stations.�

Natasha Dematra as one of the festival jurues said �This film deserves the title of Best Film not just because of its strong theme but because it was well executed and can inspire future generations".

This is the the complete list of winners:

Best Film:

The Last Tear

Platinum Award Winners:
All in Her Stride, directed by Fiona Cochrane - Documentary Short
A Kick to Heaven, directed by Zviki Eshet - Documentary Newcomer
Elephants in Motion: Tales of Thai Elephants' Life Transformation, directed by Narumol Sriyanond Bartone - Documentary Feature
Krusing America, directed by Linda Kruse - Documentary Short, Director
Out Of a Jam, directed by Shalini Harshwal - Documentary Short
Silhouette Secrets, directed by Andi Reiss - Documentary Feature
The Last Tear, directed by Christopher H.K. Lee - Humanitarian

Golden Award Winners:

Black Sheep, directed by Reshel Shah - Documentary Feature, Humanitarian
Every Two Minutes, directed by Kirk Mason - Social Issue
Everybody Falls Down, directed by Chris Hale - Documentary Short
For My Children, directed by Stathis Plotas - Documentary Feature
God Has Arrived, directed by John Urich-Sass - Social Issue, Humanitarian Award
Gods in Shackles, directed by Sangita Iyer - Documentary Feature
Hot Men Cold Dictatorships, directed by M�ria Tak�cs - Documentary Feature
Hush, directed by Punam Kumar Gill - Documentary Feature
If There is a Reason to Study, directed by Adler Yang - Documentary Feature, Humanitarian Award
One World - Different People, directed by Oliver Langewitz - Documentary Feature
"La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos", directed by Ralph Isenberg - Humanitarian, Social Issue, Documentary Newcomer, Humanitarian Award
The Forgotten Ones of Karaganda, directed by M. Enrique Gaspar - Documentary Short
The Sex Temple, directed by Johan Palmgren - Documentary Feature
Ukraine. Paralipomenon. A Chronicle of Omissions, directed by Yulia Matsiy - Documentary Feature
Unsurrendered 2 The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas, directed by Bani Logro�o - Documentary Short
Uri In The Sky, directed by Amir Har-Gil - Documentary Feature, Director
Welcome to Jarbo State, directed by Annelie Olsson - Documentary Feature
While They Watched, directed by Jake Smith - Documentary Feature, Director, Producer, Editor
Women are the Answer, directed by Fiona Cochrane - Social Issue

This festival works together with International Film and Photography Festival (IFPF), Animation Awards (WAA) dan World Human Rights Award (WHRA).
According to Dedeh Kurniasih, the chairwoman of People's Creative Council, this festival is being held by People�s Creative Council, iHebat International Volunteers, Russian Culture Centre, Care for Children Foundation, World Film Council, and Radio Republic of Indonesia as the media partner and organiser.

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