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Movie from Arab �Ailia� wins Overall winner film in IFFPIE 2015

In World Peace Day September 21st 2015, International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality (IFFPIE) finally choose they�re choice to �Ailia" for Overall Winner. This movie is directed by Sameh Salem from Arab. This 19 minutes film tells a story about two children, one Palestinian, the other Israeli who are brought together by chance for painting a landscape. A conflict arises between them about who has the right to the land.

Damien Dematra who is the founder and director of IFFPIE says that IFFPIE chose Ailia as the Overall Winner because this movie brings people inside a child�s mine who only wants peace. Plus the incredible cinematography from this movie makes a point. and the acting from the two children touched everybody�s heart. He hoped that this movie will move the worlds leader to make peace.

IFFPIE also give the award of Man of Inspiration 2015 to the 39th president of U.S., Jimmy Carter that will be given to him in person at the end of the year in Atlanta, U.S. by the ambassador of IFFPIE ini U.S. IFFPIE gives the award of Man of Peace 2015 to Pope John Paul II from the movie John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent. This award is given to him because even though the pope already dies he keeps on inspired people in the world until now. IFFPIE also gives award to; Andy Garcia, Alice Krige, Guy Davidi, Robin Shou and Leverne Ann McDonnell.

This festival is full supported by People Creative Council (DKR), i-Hebat International Volunteer, Russian Culture Center, World Film Council, Film Festival Alliance, Cinema XXI, Care for Children Foundation and Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) as media partner for inside and outside the country.

INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality



President Jimmy Carter

Pope John Paul II

Special Jury Awards:
Andy Garcia (John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent)
Alice Krige (Shingetsu)
Guy Davidi (High Hopes)
Jason Isaacs (Dawn)
Leverne Ann McDonnell (All in Her Stride)
President Jimmy Carter & Dr. Miriam Abu Sharkh (Life Under Siege)
Robin Shou (Earthbound)

AILIA (Egypt & United Arab Emirates) directed by Sameh Salem

International Awards of Outstanding Excellence Winners:
AILIA (Egypt & United Arab Emirates) directed by Sameh Salem - International Short Films
ASHA (United States) directed by Meena Nanji - International Short Films
For My Children (Sweden) directed by Jerzy Donus - Documentary Feature
Life Under Siege (United States) directed by Miriam Abu Sharkh - Documentary Feature
Soil and Coral (Afghanistan) directed by Masoud Atyabi - International Feature Films
The Way of Tea (France) directed by Marc Fouchard - International Short Films
"Till death do us part" Hasta que la Muerte Nos Separe (United States & Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of) directed by Abraham Pulido - International Feature Films

International Awards of Excellence Winners:
37 (Germany) directed by Chris Br�gge - Newcomer
A Bench's Tale (Austria) directed by Christoph Schinko - Newcomer
Bangkok in Motion (Thailand) directed by Jimmie Wing - Documentary Short
Common Man (Nigeria) directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare - International Short Films
Dancing Sondheim - Children and Art, Finishing the Hat, No One is Alone
directed by Richard Daniels - International Short Films
Dawn (Switzerland) directed by Romed Wyder - International Feature Films
Defenders of Life (France) directed by Dana ZIYASHEVA - International Feature Films
Dignity (United Kingdom) directed by Thomas Verrall - International Short Films
Endless Corridor (Lithuania) directed by Aleksandras Brokas - Documentary Feature
Eru Il�vatar (Finland) directed by Riitta Jalonen - Documentary Short
Future Dreaming (Australia) directed by Kaya Finlayson - Documentary Short
Le Conte des sables d'or (Switzerland) directed by Sam and Fred Guillaume - International Short Films
Lessons of Basketball and War (United States) directed by Ron Bourke - International Feature Films
Manislam- Islam and Masculinity (Norway) directed by Nefise �zkal Lorentzen - Documentary Feature
Ocule (Canada) directed by Kris Ruff-Frederickson - Newcomer
Pawa Meri: Voice of Change (Papua New Guinea) directed by Llane Munau - Documentary Short
Pursuing Happiness (United States) directed by Adam Shell - Documentary Feature
Sacred Geography (United States) directed by David Zurick - Documentary Short
See Me Now (United Kingdom) directed by Glen MacKay - International Short Films
Set Me Free (Belgium) directed by Hugo Teugels - International Short Films
Super Sounds (Australia) directed by Stephen de Villiers - International Short Films
The Fight to Forgive: From Child Soldiers to Peacebuilders (United States) directed by Cynthia Travis - Documentary Feature
The Forgotten Ones of Karaganda (Spain, Kazakhstan) directed by Enrique Gaspar Rodriguez - Documentary Short
The Glass Man (Myanmar) directed by We Ra - Documentary Short
The Last Tear (United States) directed by Christopher H.K. Lee - Documentary Feature
The Ministry for Peace Australia (Australia) directed by Lee Tolley - Documentary Short
The Urge 2 - It Lies Within (Canada) directed by Christopher Angus - International Short Films

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