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Rivers of Hope Best Film in World Humanitarian Award 2015

World Humanitarian Award (WHA) awards the Best Film title to Adolfo P�rez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope. This documentary film tells the story of Latin America over the past eighty years, as seen through the eyes of one man -- world famous artist, human rights activist, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel. This documentary film is directed by a woman activist, Dawn Engle who has been 15 time nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

During the award ceremony in Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta, Natasha Dematra, as the peace and humanitarian ambassador said that she hope by the winning of Adolfo P�rez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope as best film will inspire the young generation to be �young Adolfo� to maintain peace for the world and human rights in this modern era.

WHA also award Dennis Rodman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pearl Jam and U2 with International Humanitarian Special Awards.

This festival is full supported by People Creative Council (DKR), i-Hebat International Volunteer, Russian Culture Center, World Film Council, Film Festival Alliance, Cinema XXI, Care for Children Foundation and Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) as media partner for national and international news.

World Humanitarian Awards


Adolfo P�rez Esquivel
(Adolfo P�rez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope)
Nobel Peace Prize

Barbara Karnes, R.N.
(New Rules for End of Life Care)
Award Winning End of Life Educator and Award Winning Nurse; dedicates 35 years of her life to the education, care, and comforting dying people all over the world


Adolfo Perez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope (United States) directed by Dawn Engle

Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang)
Lee Shaw (Lee's 88 Keys)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Worst Shark Attack Ever)
Masika Katsuva (Seeds of Hope)
Pearl Jam (Draw Not War)
U2 (Draw Not War)
Veronica Grey (Worst Shark Attack Ever)

Adolfo Perez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope (United States) directed by Dawn Engle - Documentary film
Ailia (Lebanon) directed by United Arab Emirates - Short film
Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang (United Kingdom) directed by Colin Offland - Documentary film
Mouna Vizhiththuligal (Silent Tears) (Sri Lanka) directed by Ilango Ramanathan - Short film
My Name is Salt (Switzerland) directed by Farida Pacha - Documentary film
One World - Different People (Germany) directed by Oliver Langewitz - Documentary film
Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic (United States) directed by United States - Short film
Ryan (United States) directed by Holly Dorff Long - Short film
Sacred Journey of the Heart (United Kingdom, United States) directed by Skip Thomas - Documentary film
Seeds of Hope (United Kingdom) directed by Fiona Lloyd-Davies - Documentary film
The Last Tear (United States) directed by Christopher H.K. Lee - Documentary film
Tears of Harmony (Belgium) directed by Farookh Naghdipour - Short film
When the Party Ends (United States) directed by KT Curran - Short film

A Hospital in the Pines (United States) directed by Andrew Elizaga - Documentary film
A TEEN'S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND COMMUNICATING WITH PEOPLE WITH AUTISM (United States) directed by Alexandra Jackman - Documentary film
Action in Africa (United Kingdom) directed by Timothy Forder - Documentary film
All of me (Mexico) directed by Arturo Gonz�lez Villase�or - Documentary film
Art Connect (Trinidad and Tobago) directed by Miquel Galofre - Documentary film
BANGKOK in MOTION (Thailand) directed by Jimmie Wing - Short film
BridgeWalkers (Canada, Greenland, Peru, United States) directed by Kara Rhodes - Documentary film
CottonDreams (Poland) directed by Sandeep Rampal Balhara - Documentary film
DAM999 (India) directed by Sohan Roy - Feature film
Defenders of Life (France) directed by Dana ZIYASHEVA - Feature film
DRAW NOT WAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Italy, Palestine, State of, United Kingdom) directed by Matteo Valenti- Documentary film
"El Gringo Schindler" (United States) directed by Ralph Isenberg - Documentary film
Encounters with Hope in Cambodia (Korea, Republic of) directed by Chae Yoon Jang and Chae Youn Jang - Short film
Ensoulment (Mexico) directed by Lor�s Sim�n Salum - Documentary film
Freedom Stories (Australi) directed by Steve Thomas - Documentary film
Gen A (Thailand) directed by Napat Tangsanga - Short film
Kurdistan-Kurdistan (Turkey) directed by Bulent Gunduz - Feature film
Learning Circle (United Kingdom) directed by Colin Burden - Short film
Lee's 88 Keys (United States) directed by Susan Robbins - Feature film
Manislam- Islam and masculinity (Norway) directed by Nefise �zkal Lorentzen - Documentary film
New Rules for End of Life Care (United States) directed by Dina Gruenfeld - Documentary film
No Tomorrow Without Merci (United States) directed by Elham Madani - Short film
ONE HUNDRED MULES WALKING THE LOS ANGELES AQUEDUCT - ARTIST'S CUT 2015 (United States) directed by Bruce Dickson - Documentary film
Pawa Meri: Never Give Up (Papua New Guinea) directed by Ruth Ketau - Documentary film
Pawa Meri: Voice of Change (Papua New Guinea) directed by Llane Munau - Documentary film
Refugee Here I Am (Congo, the Democratic Republic of the) directed by Eda Elif Tibet, Enzo Ikah - Documentary film
ROAD TO RIO - The Street Rascals World Cup (Brazil) directed by Nathan Erasmus, Leonardo Scavone - Documentary film
See Me Now (United Kingdom) directed by Glen MacKay - Short film
Sketch (United States) directed by Stephen T. Barton - Short film
Sponsor A Wealthy Child (Canada) directed by Julien Boisvert - Short film
The Backward Class (India, United States) directed by Madeleine Grant - Documentary film
The Healing of Heather Garden (Canada) directed by Judith Morrow - Documentary film
The Story of Ebola (United States) directed by Yoni Goodman - Short film
Those Who Said No (Sweden) directed by Nima Sarvestani - Documentary film
Where might the wind rest ? (Norway) directed by Mohammad Ali Shirzadi - Documentary film

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